Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fancy Girlfriend's Mother

well.. i need help.. i am 18 years old and i really fancy my girlfriend's Mother!!! I've been with my girlfriend for 3 years now, on and off but her mother thinks i'm perfect for her.I've been trying to flirt with her mother for ages,she is hot and sometimes i think it works. The other day her mother picked me up and three of us went for shopping,on the way home we stopped off outside my house and somehow i started talking with her mother more rather than her. I felt i'll blurt out what i wanted to say for so long,about how i felt about her mother but didnt want to get rejected. I dont know how she feels and how i would spot what she feels. HELP!!!

Right, The worst thing you could do is to Cheat on your girlfriend with anyone- let alone her own MOTHER.How would you feel if your girlfriend cheated on you with your dad? To be honest you are in a bit of a pickle because of your inclination towards someone who is old enough to be "YOUR" Mother.You are old enough to know Right from Wrong .But you have either strong feelings for the mother or you just think she is a little hot, anyway you have to forget about her mother and stay with your girlfriend or Simply...break up with your girlfriend , and then you dont see her mother on regular basis. You know it yourself that you can't go out with the mother, its wrong ethically,morally,legally,socially and religiously . You may not care about your girlfriend anymore- but after 3 long years together, you should have more loyalty than to want to destroy her family life because you could potentialy rip this family apart.

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