Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Control Everything

I need some relationship advice.I've been in relationship with person for 4 yrs.He has to control everything, we can't even have Christmas this year because he said so. I can't do anything right, even if it is done the same way he does it. Last year our 1st anniversary he forgot it, the day after a holiday, kinda easy to remember.We haven't had relations in 1 year, we were so much into eachother before. He won't even look at me other then in a look that is like "oh your still here". He has used up all my money so now I have nothing and no way out, been looking for work but no one will hire me, as I'm not from his country.I really need help, I can't stay in a loveless relationship.

Even if you're not from his country, you must have friends and family back home you can contact to help you or wire you money, so you make arrangements to return to your homeland- as that is what you must do. You could also try seeking an attorney's help to see what your legal rights are (after your family wires you money for help). There is always a way out; you must be brave. You can't stay with a man you don't love who controls and disrespects you.

If there's no way for you to work and make money in this country, then the only way for you is to go back home and forget him. Start a new life; you won't be sorry you did. Write your family now and leave him ASAP; you won't regret it. This was only one page of the book; soon you'll start a much brighter chapter. Have faith.

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