Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happily Married

I am a 36 year old happily married woman with 2 children.My husband is rich,educated,loving and a decent man who worships me.For the past four years i have been having an affair with my close friend`s husband.He swept me off my feets,but he is not as loving as my husband.I am attracted to him and can`t imagine life without him.When we fight he doesn`t call me for months and i get depressed.He has never given me a gift.He claims he doesn`t love his wife but showers her with expensive gifts.They are very lovey dovey in public and that hurts a lot.I have failed to figure him out.Last year i had an accident and everyone called except him.

Sorry for Stating the obvious but you need to be told that you are not happily married because happily married people do not have affairs.You are carrying out a grand deception in which you are lying to the world and to yourself.But you realize there is a problem which is a step in the right direction.If you want things to change you need to absoultely end this affair right now,not the least because your lover is selfish and a user.In an ideal world you should come clean with your husband and deal with consequences.But the world is not ideal and you may decide against telling him.In that case you will have to live everyday for the rest of your life with the very heavy burden that threatens to spill over and destroy your life.If you secret leaks out,all hell will break loose.Distract yourself with anything-hobby,job,social life-then thank your stars that you are still married.Continuing on this path is not an option.

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